When i first started my blog, i really did not wanted to invest anything. So i started using blogger, free blogging platform. I first started using blogger in 2014, wrote some articles, waited for traffic, did not see it coming, got demotivated and left.

I came back again after 4 years to start a new blog. And again! i did the same mistake of using free blogging platform called blogger. Wrote some articles, advertised my blog on social media platform, and saw traffic coming, but was not impressed with my blog. I could not do much with it. Blogger has limitations. So again i left blogging.

But i really wanted to do something in blogging without investing much, maybe because of the past experience i had with blogging. And many people can relate to this.

So finally after 2 months i decided to start again but with a different blogging platform. I started researching about the best platform i can use for my blog. And the answer was WORDPRESS ORG.

Next! i required a hosting plan with cheapest price possible. As i did not wanted to invest much. I tried blue host and site ground, but both had yearly plans which i could not afford at that moment.

Finally! i found dream host monthly plan. It’s my first month with dream host and everything is going good. Every end of month, you have to pay only $4.95 to dreamhost which by far is the best plan i have seen for WORDPRESS ORG.

Why should you use dream host?


Dream host offers the cheapest plans to its customers with it’s monthly payment option.

Shared plan – this plan is divided in two others plans.

Shared starter

MONTHLY – $4.95

1 YEAR – $3.95

3 YEARS – $2.59

Shared Unlimited – get HUGE discount on 1year and 3years plan by clicking this link.

MONTHLY – $10.95

1 YEAR – $9.95

3 YEARS – $7.95

Other plans include:

  1. VPS


When i first started using dreamhost i was stuck at the very beginning as i made some mistakes by deleting some important files. I tried so much but nothing worked, so i went on google and found dreamhost support option. In few minutes my problem was solved and i was back working on my website.


Dreamhost gives you 3 months to check whether their service is good enough for you or not. That is the longest money back option i have seen. If they are so confident about it, there must be something special about them.


Dreamhost hosts over 1.5 million websites for more than 400,000 members. And they are one of the hosts that WordPress itself endorses. Dreamhost provides one click installation for WordPress, which makes it really easy for users to start immediately building their website after they purchase Dreamhost plan.


For every one hour you site is down, dreamhost will credit you for one day hosting service. Which means if your site is down for one hour, you will be paid current hosting cost of one day. They are sure that your site will be online every single second.

If you are a beginner like me, who wants to invest less right now in blogs. The best option for you is to use dreamhost. You can create amazing looking website using WordPress by spending just few dollars for it.

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8 Responses

  1. Mimi says:

    This good information

  2. Kesi says:

    I will have to look into this. I have the free version of wordpress, but I think I’m ready to invest in my blog. Thank you for sharing this information.

  3. thanks for this informative sharing, I always considering to have own domain & hosting cheers, fsiennylovesdrawing

  4. Nina Nichols says:

    Very informative post! I am currently using blogger but this is definitely such a helpful guide!

  5. ramzy says:

    I think I’m making the same mistake, thx for sharing

  6. Rupal says:

    This is such great info for someone looking to setup a blog.

  7. blair villanueva says:

    I think you can get a good deal if you subscribe yearly, than monthly. Thanks for your tips!

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I am on wordpress(.)com, hosted by SiteGround. But this totally gave me another option.

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