6 best self defense weapons

Women need self defense weapons to protect themselves. I don’t mean they should roam around with guns and knives but should carry mini weapons which they can use in emergency.

Everyday there is news on tv about a women being raped, robbed or murdered. Around thousands of such cases occur every month around the world. Women safety is a very big issue, you may take precautions and follow the safety rules but it is not 100% safe.

So here are few weapons every women should have.

1. Pepper spray

Pepper spray is a chemical compound that disturbs your eyes by causing temporary blindness, tears and real pain. The effect of this spray last up to 20 – 90 minutes. After spraying on your attacker, don’t stop there enjoying the scene (watching your attacker scream), run and find help for yourself immediately. Remember it is not 100% effective and the attacker might be able to harm you in some way if you don’t run.

2. Taser and Stun Gun

Both taser and stun gun deliver high voltage electric shock to the opponent. Stun guns can be used only when the attacker makes a direct contact. You cannot use it from a distance, while taser can be used from 35 feet away.
Stun guns must stay on the body for 3-5 seconds in order to be effective while taser works immediately after both dart probes hit the body.

3. Key chain knife

Folded knife key chain can be used as a normal key chain. Such weapons are really helpful in self defense, because it wont take you more than 2 seconds to open it and use it on your opponent.

4. Self defense security alarm

When you are in a difficult situation just pull the contact pin out, the alarm will start to ring for continuously 30 minutes. You can only turn it off when you insert the pin back. The alarm includes led flash light which can help you in dark to gain attention. The alarm rings really loud, people 300ft away can also hear it.

5. Tactical pen

Tactical pens are great self defense weapons. You can easily carry them anywhere you want. You can use them to break window glass, to write and to strike with it. Has amazing grip, so not easy to fall from your hands, which makes it easy for you to strike your opponent.

6. Self defense key chain

Lighter in weight and very effective. Has sharp point below it, which can be used easily on your opponent. You can carry it with yourself anywhere you want, and can be used as normal key chain. Looks great with your keys, comes in different colors.

Remember! keep these self defenese weapons in your hands or in your pockets instead of keeping them in your bags. The attacker wont tell you “please remove the weapons am waiting”. You should always be prepared for the attack, just imagine you will be attacked and go out from your house thinking that.

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  1. Clara says:

    Always a good idea to protect yourself. You never know what can happen! Thank you for sharing!

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