Self defense is a strategy or way you use to prevent yourself from harm. Don’t watch some you tube videos and expect your own self to carry out those moves out of nowhere.

 It is really hard for many women to roam around freely without having a little fear in them. A stranger just standing near you will bring thousands of thoughts in your mind.

Here are few tips for self defense

1. Be aware of your surroundings

Walking alone every night on the same road and expecting nothing to happen?

You must make sure you are taking a safe route with many people around you, leave your phone and other things which distract you and concentrate more on the people. Check if someone is following you or not. If they are, go to a store near you and call someone for help.

2. Be car smart

Many attackers plan their attack near parking lot. Unlock the car when you are near or else it gives an opportunity to the attacker to get inside the car without you noticing. You can use your key as a weapon by poking in their eyes if the attack happens. Lastly, if you coming out of a party alone, ask someone to drop you till your car, and tell them to wait till you leave.

3. Know his weakness

There are few parts in human body, if you attack with force can cause great damage.

Attack his eyes with your fingers,

Punch hard on the throat,

Hit him on his private part with force,

Use your elbow to break his nose,

Go for his knee.

4. Carry your own weapons

When I say weapons! Don’t think Guns. There are many other weapons you can carry with you.

Use pepper spray, best to keep it in your pockets as the attacker won’t wait till you take it out from your purse.

Carry a pen knife, one side you can use it as a pen and the other side as a knife.

Use stun gun and Taser, both are used for electric shock but taser is much more useful as you don’t need to come in direct contact with the attacker.

5. Take self defense training

Learning self defense may not completely erase the fear in you but will definitely reduce it. Remember! practice makes it perfect.

For instance, before the training you did not know how to punch and what body parts to punch in order to knock out an opponent. But after taking self defense training you know exactly what to do in order to knock out someone.

But! when i say take self defense training i don’t mean learning from few videos on YouTube and trying to do them yourself. Some YouTube videos are good and some are not but for both you need practice and training.

Or watch it directly on YouTube

6. Stay fit and run

Sometimes the only option you have is to run away from the attackers. It’s not a must you will be attacked by only one person, sometimes they attack in group. The best way to escape is to run faster than the attackers.


Scream as louder as you can. Scream to seek help. Scream to gather people around you. This might scare the attacker and there are high chances of him running away.

Use a word like “FIRE” or something else which can gather people easily. Because many people will come for help hearing there is fire around and less people will come for help hearing you screaming for help, as they don’t want themselves in trouble.

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32 Responses

  1. Cendu says:

    Being a woman in this world is scary for sure, it’s up to us to learn and know how to keep ourselves safe. Great post, very informative with tons of awesome tips.

  2. Danielle says:

    GREAT advice. Everyone should check this out .

  3. GiGi Eats says:

    I am really good at screaming, so I have that covered. Ha! But I totally need to take defense classes!!

  4. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

    Great tips every women should know. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ashli says:

    Yes yes yes!! I’d love to take a self defense class – that’s one of my goals! Women need to know how to protect themselves and be prepared for sure!

  6. Jolie Starrett says:

    Great tips! We always need to be aware of our surroundings.

  7. Nikki says:

    Great tips! I witnessed my husband get attacked last year and wish I had been more prepared

  8. Kylie says:

    Number two!!! Whenever I accidentally unlock my car from a distance I immediately re-lock it! I’m like no Kylie!! That’ how they get in. Glad you mentioned that one!

  9. Hackytips says:

    On this International Women’s day, women safety is one of major concern. Every woman should know these things and be prepared to defend.

  10. Susan says:

    I had and need to get another one cuz mine got wet, but it was an alarm that is really loud. It is like a grenade, you pull the pin for the alarm to sound. It can be worn on a purse or keychain.

  11. Samar says:

    Great tips of self defense.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Yonnah M says:

    I really want to take a self defense course this summer. Just a few nights ago, I was walking to my care and heard someone behind me. I looked back and it looked as though the man was trying to stop running because I looked. I turned to face him and he stopped. I went to my car and he kept walking. It scared the living crap out of me, but I honestly think had I not heard someone coming up then things would’ve ended differently.

  13. Elizabeth O says:

    I agree with you and you have mentioned all the necessary points which we ought to remember. These tips are useful so thanks for the aweness.

  14. Monidipa Dutta says:

    Self-defense helps women protect themselves and their family. In my opinion, this is the most important reason for women to learn self-defense, …

  15. aisasami says:

    I am a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do and still taking it. I also learned defense in modern defense classes and also Korean style called Hapkido. I would also add that modern-day items like keys and regular pens can be great weapons. You can stab someone’s eyes or the neck area with a high heel. Also, there are points of the body where you can leave the attacker powerless if you grapple that area.

  16. “You can use your key as a weapon by poking in their eyes if the attack happens.” Oh gosh! Well what I learned today was to attack the attacker in the eyes. I wished I learned karate back then cuz next month, I’ll be going home late nights after classes and I’m pretty spooked to go home alone on public transports at night.

  17. JK Darling says:

    Thanks for these great tips. They are worth learning. 🙂

  18. Vaishali says:

    Great tips. I specially like the fact that we can use everyday items like keys in self defense.

  19. What a great list of self-defense here! In today’s world, you can never be safe so this is a good list!

  20. Glorious Heights says:

    Great advice.. a very important post for all girls and women

  21. Sheena Moncatar says:

    Oh my gosh, so easy to read but so difficult to do. I am just one wimpy person but I guess my best defense, I always am aware of my surroundings and I may not be so fit right now but I surely can run fast!

  22. Bunmieshealthychoices says:

    Good advice!
    Thanks for sharing!

  23. Jasmeet Singh says:

    In any stressful situation staying calm and aware of your surroundings is one of the most important things. Great tips

  24. Very interesting post with some good advice! Thanks for sharing

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