When you really want something which someone else has, and you start hating them for no reason or you feel sad and depressed because of that, this emotion is called JEALOUSY.

Almost everyone has gone through this emotion, we even feel jealous on things that don’t really matter to us. For instance, you don’t play football, you hardly even watch it, but when you see someone cheering up for your classmate who plays really well, you end up feeling jealous.



  1. Understand that you already have enough

Being happy with what you already have, looks like a big achievement these days. Many of us are looking for more, if we get 85% in math paper, and the other student gets 90%. Instead of being happy that you have scored 85%, you feel sad.

You prefer to see what others have, if they have more, you really don’t like it. You feel jealous. Let me tell you one thing! No matter what you have achieved right now, if you don’t value that, and prefer to see what others have, trust me! You will never be satisfied.

You might say in exams we are competing with each other, so we want to be on top, and we must feel sad if we are second or third.

What I would like to ask you, if you came first.

How long will you be happy? Rest of your life?

Because of that one paper where you scored high marks? Or will you forget in few days about it?

The problem with us is that we forget what we have achieved in few days, but it takes us very long to forget something we couldn’t achieve.

Why don’t you feel happy with what you have and others don’t? Forget about the materialistic things, just see yourself.

You are walking freely without any problem, others have one or no legs. You are eating using your hands, other don’t even have hands. And you are healthy, others are in hospital, sick or about to die. You might try and be successful but you will come across a time when you give up again. Remember! it wont be easy but it will be worth it.

So repeat with me! I already have enough !

“I once cried because I didn’t have shoes to play football with my friends, but one day I saw a man who had no feet, and I realized how rich I am” – Zinedine Zidane

    2. You don’t know what problems they are facing

When we start feeling jealous, we only see what good things people have but we forget the fact that everyone has problems in their life. remember no one will post their problems on social media, but they will only post the good things going on in their life.
For example, you are jealous of a person who has big house, but you have no idea that he just lost his dad few days ago.
So if you ever feel jealous, just remind yourself that those people have problems in their life as well which you are not going through. everyone is fighting his/her own battle.

3. Avoid using social media platforms

Most of us start feeling jealous through social media platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook. Everyone will put their best picture, their best memory and amazing life which they are having. And you will definitely feel jealous. So just stop using it for a while and see the difference in your life

4. Stop becoming People Pleaser

We spend so much of our time pleasing people that we forget who we truly are. We want to show off and we want everyone to say good things about us, we want everyone to praise us.

Maybe, you dream of having a big car, so that you can show off to your friends, you want others to praise you, you want to become famous in your college or at your work. And if you don’t have it and you see others having that life, you end up becoming jealous.

Listen! Why do you want friends who will only be with you if you are wealthy and Successful? Why do you want friends who will only be with you if you are famous? Those same people wont be seen if you face any hardship in your life. They are just there because of your status. Is it worth keeping such friends?

Share with us your experience. What did you do to remove jealousy ? How did you achieve peace of mind?


stop feeling jealous

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  1. Michael Leng says:

    Well, no. 4, stop becoming people pleaser! ah! It's time for me to follow your words after I got hurt for be nice to the others too much….

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