YES, you read that right. “you cannot fit everywhere”.
 Don’t force yourself to fit in. If you are not comfortable with the people around you, if you are not comfortable talking with them, if you trying your best to joke around, laugh , enjoy but you just can’t do it. Just know, you don’t belong there.
 You will lose yourself, you will lose who you truly are.
Your friends like drinking, smoking, going to the clubs etc. And you hate that, but still you do it, trying to impress your friends.
You still feel left out. You feel emptiness inside you. You come back home sad, thinking how can you do better tomorrow. No matter what you do, you keep feeling the same.
This feeling never goes. Trust me! until you embrace who you truly are.
 You try to change yourself, for the people who are changing your life negatively. Just ask yourself, “is it worth it”?
What should you actually do?
Understand who you truly are, no matter how famous your friends are, or how much they are enjoying, If you are not comfortable, you will never enjoy.
Find the people who are like you, who think like you.
“Don’t change for the people, be yourself, and you will find your true friends”.

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