Using any kind of social media network to advertise your products/services is called social media marketing. This involves sharing photos and videos with your followers. Some famous social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, tweeter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, YouTube and many more.

So why do you need it?


Imagine you are having a business in a less populated area. How many customers do you expect to come daily? How many people know your business even exists? And 50% of those customers who enter don’t really purchase your products.
Now what if you are using social media platforms like instagram, where you can show all your products to thousands of people around you just by using a phone.


What do you expect to happen? At least one customer will be interested in your products and will contact you for your location.
For instance, you are a cake baker.


You posted 5 pictures of your best cakes. Someone likes the look and orders a cake for a birthday party.


Imagine! Hundreds of people in that party taste your cake.


Your cake was amazing and was loved by many people, so you get few more orders.
Your one instagram post can build for you many more customers in future.


Same goes with other social media platforms.
And the best part! Advertising on social media platforms is free, unlike others.



Instagram is a social networking app created to share photos and videos with your friends, family and even strangers. Instagram has been growing very fast, from having 800 million users in September 2017 to 1 billion active users in June 2018.
On the other hand, instagram can also be used to promote your products/services.


Here are few marketing tips for beginners that I would like to share


1. When you start using instagram, post the best products you got. You are expecting people to follow you, but that won’t be possible if your products don’t attract them. For instance, if you want to advertise an engagement ring, chose the best engagement ring you have, take a good picture of it (engagement ring in a red box), write a good caption and post it.


2. Creating sponsor ads is another good idea to market your products. Chose your target audience, your budget and advertise it. Sponsor ads show your products to thousands of new people around your location (depending on the budget you chose). So, the people who are interested in your products would automatically start following you.
3. To get more followers on Instagram, you need to start following people. You can use apps like followers analyser tool to follow or unfollow people in bulk. That’s the best way I know so far to get many followers in short time. The follow and unfollow process.
4. Using correct hashtags in your every post. Remember you need the correct audience, so use the local hashtags mostly in your every post. E.g. #daressalaam #tanzania #tanzanialife etc



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