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When you really want something which someone else has, and you start hating them for no reason or you feel sad and depressed because of that, this emotion is called JEALOUSY.

Almost everyone has gone through this emotion, we even feel jealous on things that don't really matter to us. For instance, you don't play football, you hardly even watch it, but when you see someone cheering up for your classmate who plays really well, you end up feeling jealous.



1. You already have enough - when we start looking at what we already have, rather than looking what others have, our life will become much better. And jealousy will reduce.
You are sad because you don't have a big car, what if you start looking at those people who walk from home to work or those people who take bus and have to stand for so long waiting for the bus to arrive. Don't you think your life is much better than others??

2. You don't know what problems they are facing - when we start feeling jealous, we only see what good things people have but we forget the fact that everyone has problems in their life. remember no one will post their problems on social media, but they will only post the good things going on in their life.
For example, you are jealous of a person who has big house, but you have no idea that he just lost his dad few days ago.
So if you ever feel jealous, just remind yourself that those people have problems in their life as well which you are not going through. everyone is fighting his/her own battle.

3. Avoid using social media platforms - most of us start feeling jealous through social media platforms, especially instagram and Facebook. Everyone will put their best picture, their best memory and amazing life which they are having. And you will definitely feel jealous. So just stop using it for a while and see the difference in your life

4. Stop becoming people pleaser - we spend so much of our time pleasing people that we forget who we truly are. We want to show off. We want everyone to say good things about us, we want everyone to praise us. Maybe, you dream of having a big car, so that you can show off to your friends, you want others to praise you, you want to become famous in your college or at your work. And if you don't have it and you see others having that life, you end up becoming jealous. Listen! Why do you want friends who will only be with you if you are wealthy and Successful? Why do you want friends who will only be with you if you are famous? Those same people wont be seen if you face any hardship in your life. They are just there because of your status. Is it worth keeping such friends?

Share with us your experience. What did you do to remove jealousy ? How did you achieve peace of mind?



What is peace of mind?

Peace of mind is not about being happy every second or minute.
Peace of mind is where you are able to stay positive, even in the negative situations.
It's not easy though to stay positive when life is putting you in difficult situations.
But, you should keep trying until you achieve it.

How do you achieve it?  

For instance, you wanted a job, you went for an interview, and you were expecting to get selected. But, that didn't happened. So instead of getting sad, you told yourself you will get better job than this and kept yourself motivated

When you see others having something which you really want but you can't get it, and you usually start hating them for no reason or you become sad because of that. This hate and sadness is called being jealous. You should always remember, everyone has some unique skills in them which others don't have. Find that one unique thing in you and accept the fact that you already have enough.

Can you change what happened in your past? can you go back and make it right? No you can't! than why even think about it. Accept your mistakes and move on. OR try making things right! you failed in maths exam, work harder and pass in the next maths exam with good marks. Learn from your mistakes instead of remembering them everyday and ruining your peace of mind.

Help a blind person pass the road.
Give orphans food and clothes.
Carry groceries for an elder person.
Meet people with a smile.
Give some charity.
Apologise to someone you have hurted intentionally or unintentionally.

The best way to achieve peace of mind is by remembering your creator. Always remember god loves you, and he loves you more when you return back to him after commiting a sin.
You commited a big sin, you lose your peace of mind, you feel sad, you just dont know what to do.
You go to the mosque and pray, you ask for his forgiveness, you cry out loud to him, he hears your cry and suddenly you will feel ease, you suddenly feel peace in your heart. That becomes the best feeling you ever had.



Why do people make fun of others?
1. To make their friends laugh. 
2. They think someone looks ugly.
3. To put someone down.         
4. They enjoy it.

Have you ever imagined!
How your words and actions would affect someone?
That person whom you trouble every day! passing bad comments, bullying and making fun.
Do you realize what they go through? What they feel?

Let me tell you!
1. Why everyone hates me?
2. Why am I so ugly?
3. How can I face other people?
4.  I don’t want to go school tomorrow.

Remember! Your actions don’t just affect them in your school days but the rest of their life.
They lose their confidence, they feel scared talking to new people.
They don't like making new friends.


Just because of that one thing you did.

Remember, when you start to tease or bully someone, many others do the same.
If you call them with a bad name, they become famous with that name.
Even after years, people will still call them with that same name.

Will you be happy if someone does same thing to you?
Is it ok for you to stay without friends?
What if someone calls you ugly, and everyone starts doing the same?
Did you like that? No right? Than change yourself.
If you don’t like people making fun of you, than STOP making fun of others.



You already have enough!
Being happy with what you already have, looks like a big achievement these days.
Many of us are looking for more, if we get 85% in math paper, and the other student gets 90%.
Instead of being happy that you have scored 85%, you feel sad.

 You prefer to see what others have, if they have more, you really don’t like it.

Let me tell you one thing!
No matter what you have achieved right now, if you don’t value that, and prefer to see what others have, trust me! You will never be satisfied.

You might say in exams we are competing with each other, so we want to be on top, and we must feel sad if we are second or third.

What I would like to ask you, if you came first.
How long will you be happy?
Rest of your life?

Because of that one paper where you scored high marks? Or will you forget in few days about it?

The problem with us is that we forget what we have achieved in few days, but it takes us very long to forget something we couldn’t achieve.

Why don’t you feel happy with what you have and others don’t? Forget about the materialistic things, just see yourself.

You are walking freely without any problem, others have one or no legs.

You are eating using your hands, other don’t even have hands.

You are healthy, others are in hospital, sick or about to die.

"I once cried because I didn't have shoes to play football with my friends, but one day I saw a man who had no feet, and I realized how rich I am" - Zinedine Zidane



YES, you read that right. "you cannot fit everywhere".
 Don't force yourself to fit in. If you are not comfortable with the people around you, if you are not comfortable talking with them, if you trying your best to joke around, laugh , enjoy but you just can't do it. Just know, you don't belong there.
 You will lose yourself, you will lose who you truly are.
Your friends like drinking, smoking, going to the clubs etc. And you hate that, but still you do it, trying to impress your friends.
You still feel left out. You feel emptiness inside you. You come back home sad, thinking how can you do better tomorrow. No matter what you do, you keep feeling the same.
This feeling never goes. Trust me! until you embrace who you truly are.
 You try to change yourself, for the people who are changing your life negatively. Just ask yourself, "is it worth it"?
What should you actually do?
Understand who you truly are, no matter how famous your friends are, or how much they are enjoying, If you are not comfortable, you will never enjoy.
Find the people who are like you, who think like you.
"Don't change for the people, be yourself, and you will find your true friends".
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STOP BEING LAZY - what does it costs you

Feeling lazy is much worse than what you think.

Getting out of your bed just to switch of lights becomes a big task for us. Waking up early in the morning becomes next to impossible.
But what does being lazy costs you?
1. Your health - most of us become so lazy that we ignore our health. 
You plan to lose weight and start going to the gym. You start well, fully motivated. After few days, you feel lazy and start creating reasons for not going to the gym. 
  " the gym is so far and am so tired"  
  "i have eaten so much, i will get sick if i go to the gym"
  "i have to go to that party, i will go to the gym tomorrow".
And at the end of the day, you tell yourself, going to the gym is not worth! i don't see any results.
2. Your money - being lazy can cost you money in many ways, but let me keep it short with just one example.
Your house is not so far from your work, but you prefer taking a taxi instead of walking. 
you are spending around $5 just for transport everyday, around $125 per month. 
$125 every month for being lazy.
3. Your future - "only if i had done this, i would have been somewhere else". That one opportunity you realize that you have lost because you were too lazy. For instance, there was business networking meeting on thursday in the morning, but you felt lazy to wake up and ignored it, just to realize that the one company you wanted to work with was there and they have already hired someone else present in that meeting.



Having population of around 59 million and 31 cities, Tanzania is a country located in East Africa, sharing its border with Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Burundi and DRC. Anyone who has visited Tanzania would surely tell you these things.

1. Welcoming people – no matter what you search, you will only find travelers talking good things about people of Tanzania. One of my friends was amazed how strangers walking around used to greet him.

2.There is so much peace living in Tanzania, having peaceful people and environment surely does make your life much better.

3. The beautiful nature in Tanzania is another reason why you will end up loving the country. Travel by a car or a bus from city to city, you would surely fall in love with the nature. The mountains, the lakes and the beautiful green natural vegetation all around you.

4. Just by thinking about Tanzania, the word wildlife will pop up in your mind. In Tanzania you can have one of the best wildlife experiences. From watching animals like zebras, giraffe, deer, to watching lions and cheetahs hunt them. You can visit Serengeti national park for the best view.



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When you really want something which someone else has, and you start hating them for no reason or you feel sad and depressed because of that...

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